September 24, 2023
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YouTube Introduces Aloud by Google, Enabling Creators to Dub Videos in Multiple Languages

In an exciting announcement at VidCon 2023, YouTube revealed its latest feature aimed at helping creators expand their global reach. The online video-sharing platform is partnering with Aloud, an innovative product developed by Google’s in-house Area 120 incubator, to enable seamless dubbing of videos in various languages.

Aloud, an AI-powered dubbing solution introduced by Google last year, utilizes advanced technology to automatically transcribe videos and generate dubbed versions. It also offers creators the option to review and edit the transcriptions before finalizing the dubbed tracks. This new addition eliminates the need for creators to rely on third-party apps or services for multilingual video production.

To showcase the capabilities of Aloud, YouTube provided a video example, which users can access by clicking on the gear icon, selecting “Audio Track,” and choosing their desired language. Currently, Aloud supports English, Portuguese, and Spanish, with plans to expand its language offerings in the near future. Hindi and Bahasa Indonesian are among the languages slated for inclusion.

Amjad Hanif, YouTube’s Vice President of Creator Products, revealed that hundreds of creators have already begun testing the Aloud tool. Hanif assured that the feature would be made available to all creators in the near future. Moreover, he highlighted the potential for generative AI to enhance Aloud further, enabling functionalities like voice preservation, lip re-animation, and emotion transfer.

The integration of Aloud into YouTube’s platform aligns with the company’s ongoing efforts to empower content creators and provide them with innovative tools to engage their audiences effectively. YouTube has recently introduced the “1080p Premium” option for select Android and Google TV users, aiming to enhance the viewing experience. Additionally, the platform unveiled new partner program guidelines to support content creators.

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With the forthcoming availability of Aloud, YouTube anticipates a significant boost in multilingual content creation, fostering greater inclusivity and enabling creators to connect with global audiences like never before.