September 23, 2023
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Windows 11 Alert: Certain Versions to Lose Support by Year-end, Urgent Action Required

Microsoft Lifecycle website, it has been revealed that support for specific versions of Microsoft Windows 11, the latest operating system, will be discontinued by the end of this year. This news has caught the attention of Windows 11 users, urging them to take immediate action to avoid potential security risks.

Not all versions of Windows 11 will be affected by this change. Microsoft has clarified that only the original versions of Windows 11, which were released in October 2021, will reach the end of their lifecycle on October 10. This includes Windows 11 Home, version 21H2, Windows 11 Pro, version 21H2, Windows 11 Pro for Workstations, version 21H2, and Windows 11 Pro Education, version 21H2.

Users currently running these older versions of Windows 11 need to be aware that they will no longer receive security updates after the specified date. This means that these versions will become more vulnerable to security threats and vulnerabilities, making it crucial to take action promptly.

To ensure continued support, Microsoft strongly advises users to update their PCs to the latest version of Windows 11, specifically version 22H2. By downloading and installing the latest version through the Windows Update option in the Settings menu, users can benefit from ongoing updates, new features, and most importantly, critical security updates that safeguard their systems.

Updating to the latest Windows 11 version is a relatively straightforward process. Users can navigate to Settings, select Windows Update, check for updates, and click the update button when the latest version becomes available. The update will be downloaded and installed, and a restart will be required to complete the installation process.

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Windows 11 users are strongly urged to take immediate action to ensure the security and stability of their systems. By updating to the latest version, users can stay protected and continue to receive the necessary support and enhancements from Microsoft. Stay ahead of the game and update your PC to the latest version of Windows 11 today.