September 24, 2023
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Volkswagen CEO Rejects Beetle’s Comeback, Considers it a “Dead End” for the Brand

Volkswagen CEO Thomas Schafer has dismissed any possibility of the Beetle making a comeback. Despite the Beetle’s iconic status and recent digital representation as an electric concept in the animated movie “Miraculous,” Schafer referred to the Beetle as a “dead end” for the brand, drawing a parallel with the discontinued Scirocco.

Schafer stated that certain vehicles have had their time, and it wouldn’t make sense to bring back the Beetle. He emphasized that only volume models like the Golf GTI will transition into the electric era, as previously confirmed by Volkswagen.

Drawing on the example of the Scirocco, Schafer expressed that the brand wouldn’t consider reintroducing the Beetle. He mentioned the need to balance investments in various technologies and prioritize the best possible use of resources.

While VW has introduced the ID. Buzz, an electric nod to the classic Type 2 buses, Schafer indicated that the company is not keen on multiple revivals. He emphasized that although VW is proud of its heritage, nostalgia alone does not define the brand’s direction.

Schafer’s statements suggest that Volkswagen is focused on moving forward and embracing new technologies rather than dwelling on past models. It is worth noting that Schafer reportedly replaced VW’s former design chief, Jozef Kaban, due to disagreements over design concepts, including the Trinity flagship EV project, which faced delays.

Overall, Volkswagen’s CEO has made it clear that the Beetle’s return is unlikely, as the brand prioritizes innovation and investment in the best possible areas to shape its future.

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