September 26, 2023

Twitter Implements Daily Read Limits, Sparks User Migration to Alternatives: Bluesky and Meta’s Threads Gain Traction

In response to extensive data scraping and system manipulation causing prolonged outages, Twitter recently introduced daily read limits for its users, both verified and unverified. These new restrictions have led to significant inconvenience for many users and businesses, with a growing perception that the move is aimed at pushing users towards verification, which requires a monthly subscription fee.

Bluesky Surges as Users Flock from Twitter

Following Twitter’s read limit policy, Bluesky, a decentralized social media platform, has witnessed a massive influx of sign-ups within a short period. Many users are migrating from Twitter to Bluesky, which offers a similar experience and no daily read limits. The overwhelming traffic led Bluesky to temporarily halt sign-ups, highlighting the need for preparedness in handling the surge.

Meta’s Threads App: A Potential Twitter Alternative

Capitalizing on the trend, Meta, led by Mark Zuckerberg, is developing Threads, an app with a Twitter-like experience. Users can follow others, create threads, and connect with friends, leveraging their existing Instagram accounts for access. The app is currently in beta phase, and its potential success may impact Twitter’s user base further.

Mastodon Gains Attention as an Open-Source Alternative

Another alternative, Mastodon, an open-source social media platform, has also gained attention amidst Twitter’s read limit implementation. With its microblogging features akin to Twitter but without daily read limits or paid subscriptions, Mastodon offers an appealing option for users seeking freedom from restrictions.

Twitter’s Daily Read Limits: Users Divided

Twitter’s new policy grants different read limits based on verification status. Unverified users can read up to 500 tweets per day, while verified users have higher limits, and paid verified users enjoy up to 10,000 tweets per day. This division has sparked a division among users, with some supporting the move to curb AI bots and manipulative actors while others perceive it as a strategy to drive regular users towards paid subscriptions.

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Twitter’s implementation of daily read limits has triggered a shift in user behavior, with many opting for alternatives like Bluesky and potentially Meta’s Threads. The evolving landscape of social media platforms may indicate changing preferences and user demands in the face of increased restrictions on major platforms like Twitter.