September 23, 2023
Scientist observing cowpea leaf under microscope in the laboratory

Time Travels: Scientists Unveil Early Universe’s ‘Wibbly Wobbly’ Time Dilation

In a groundbreaking study, scientists have delved into the mysteries of time dilation, demonstrating its existence in the early universe through observations of powerful black holes known as quasars. Drawing inspiration from the musings of renowned physicist Albert Einstein and the beloved time-traveling character Dr. Who, the study reveals that time in the early universe passed at a significantly slower pace, approximately one-fifth the speed of the present day. The observations, spanning back 12.3 billion years, when the universe was a mere fraction of its current age, provide compelling evidence of time’s slippery nature.

EU Proposes Revised GMO Rules: Embracing New Gene-Editing Technology for Enhanced Agriculture

The European Commission has put forth a proposal to revise its regulations on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), signaling a shift towards embracing the potential of new gene-editing technology. The updated rules aim to ease restrictions on genetically modified plants, offering farmers access to crops with improved resistance to climate conditions and pests, reducing the need for excessive fertilizers and pesticides. Moreover, consumers will have the opportunity to enjoy food products with enhanced nutritional value and reduced levels of allergy-causing substances. This progressive approach seeks to strike a balance between agricultural innovation and consumer well-being.

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