September 26, 2023

Threads Experiences User Slump After Initial Boom, Zuckerberg Remains Hopeful

Mark Zuckerberg’s recently launched social media platform, Threads, experienced a massive influx of users upon its debut, garnering over 100 million sign-ups in just a few days post-launch. However, current metrics reveal a sharp decline in active users, although Zuckerberg retains a positive outlook, stating that “10s of millions of people” are returning to the platform.

Zuckerberg made these comments in a post on Threads itself, in which he expressed the company’s dedication to refining the fundamental features of the app to bolster user retention throughout the rest of the year. Despite the decline, he highlighted that the “early growth was off the charts” and anticipated a period of stabilization.

Data sourced from SimilarWeb reveals that Threads peaked in user traffic on July 7, witnessing a whopping 49 million users. By July 14, however, the number had plummeted to 23.6 million, reflecting a significant drop within a week. The average duration of time spent on the app has also seen a marked reduction, from an initial 21 minutes to a mere 6 minutes, predominantly on Android devices. This is yet another indication of the dwindling traffic Threads is facing.

Despite being a newcomer to the social media landscape, Threads has emerged as a formidable competitor to Twitter. The platform is seamlessly integrated with Instagram, allowing Instagram users to swiftly sign up on Threads using their Android or iOS devices. As the platform faces its first significant challenge, the focus will be on its resilience and adaptability in the rapidly evolving world of social media.

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