December 9, 2023

The Rising Crypto Asset Management Market: Trends and Growth Analysis 2030

The widespread adoption of blockchain technology is propelling the value of digital currencies to new heights, ushering in a new era of digital assets. As blockchain technology gains traction, driven by its security and transparency features, the world is witnessing a surge in digital asset values. Blockchain’s decentralized digital ledger enables the encryption and storage of transaction details across a transparent peer-to-peer network, accessible to all participants in the chain. Cryptocurrency, as the pioneering use case of blockchain, has revolutionized the pursuit of digital assets by businesses. Financial institutions are also exploring ways to leverage blockchain for storing crypto assets securely within the internet ecosystem, thanks to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations surrounding cryptocurrency transactions. As a result, the adoption of cryptocurrencies is poised to experience substantial growth, further contributing to the expansion of the global crypto asset management market.

Cryptocurrency as an Asset Class: A Transformative Shift in Crypto Asset Management

Over time, the world has evolved from viewing crypto assets as purely hypothetical to acknowledging them as a legitimate and real-time asset class. Certain types of crypto assets offer high returns, with additional opportunities presented by the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem, utilizing smart contracts based on blockchain technology. Decentralized blockchain ledgers enable swift, cost-effective payments compared to traditional systems. The combination of these factors, along with the inherent volatility of crypto assets, positions them as a viable asset class from a portfolio management perspective. Some crypto assets even serve as an inflation hedge, an attractive feature in a time marked by unstable global monetary policies. This transition is expected to drive the growth of the crypto asset management market in the years ahead.

BFSI Sector: A Key Driver of Growth in the Global Crypto Asset Management Market

The increasing adoption of blockchain within the banking sector is set to trigger substantial investments in cryptocurrencies. For example, Uruguay-based bank service provider Bantotal partnered with Bitex, a cryptocurrency Bitcoin exchange, in 2019 to enable cross-border transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. Similarly, SEBA bank launched a range of services in November 2019 to facilitate the integration of crypto assets into traditional banking, covering asset management, trading, custody, and financing. In Hong Kong, Clipper Coin Capital (CCC) introduced an asset management and cryptocurrency investment bank aimed at offering financial research, asset management, and investment banking services to the casino cryptocurrency market. These initiatives illustrate the efforts made by BFSI companies to venture into the cryptocurrency space, thereby bolstering the global crypto asset management market’s growth.

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Asia Pacific: The Emerging Epicenter for Crypto Asset Management

Emerging economies in the Asia Pacific region have shown a growing interest in cryptocurrencies, driven by increased adoption. Despite initial bans on cryptocurrencies in developing economies like India, the present landscape is favorable as regulatory bodies are now embracing the use of cryptocurrencies. For instance, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has lifted restrictions on certain cryptocurrencies to promote underlying technologies such as distributed ledgers and blockchain while establishing a functional digital currency framework. These developments, coupled with rapid advancements in IT infrastructure, stable geopolitical conditions, and the prevalence of cloud computing, are expected to facilitate the adoption of digital currencies via decentralized networks, thereby fueling the growth of the global crypto asset management market across Asian countries.

Global Crypto Asset Management Market: Competitive Landscape

Companies operating in the crypto asset management market are actively pursuing strategic alliances and introducing innovative products to strengthen their position in the crypto asset domain. For example, in January 2020, Intelligence Unit (IU) and MV Index Solutions joined forces with Nomura Research Institute Ltd. (NRI) to launch a crypto asset index, the NRI/IU, tailored for financial institutions. Leveraging MV Index Solutions’ platforms, this index provides investment solutions to both Japanese and global investors. In another development, Crypto Finance AG successfully secured CHF 14 million in new funding in April 2020, further supporting the company’s growth in the face of COVID-19 challenges.

Key Players in the Global Crypto Asset Management Market

Major players in the global crypto asset management market include BitGo Inc., Metaco SA, Coinbase Inc., Crypto Finance AG, Gemini Trust Company LLC., Ledger SA, and Kryptographe Inc.

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