September 26, 2023
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T3: The Workshop Mecca for Honda NSX Enthusiasts in Japan

In a quiet town in Saitama, Japan, there’s a humble yet highly visited workshop that has become a mecca for fans of the original Honda NSX. Featured by YouTuber Dino DC, this workshop known as T3 specializes in the restoration of Honda NSXs and even manufactures its own OEM parts to keep these legendary sports cars alive and running.

The video showcases the workshop, which is filled with dozens of NSXs at any given time. Among the collection are several mint examples, including a widebody variant and nearly-stock vehicles from the NA1 generation (featuring pop-up headlamps) and the newer NA2 generation. There are also NSX Type Rs waiting to be worked on or picked up by their owners.

T3 itself owns three clean and lovingly-restored NSXs. The shop’s silver NSX serves as a demo car, showcasing the parts that they have developed, such as lightweight clutch kits, door components, and engine parts. The shop also specializes in automatic to manual conversions for the NSX. Two red NSXs with black tops are prominently displayed near the shop’s office entrance.

During the video, Dino DC interviews the owner of T3, discussing the shop’s operations and the Japanese preference for modifying their own NSXs. T3 has become a more affordable alternative to genuine Honda parts while still maintaining high-quality standards. However, it’s important to note that the shop’s offerings are not shipped globally.

When it comes to modifications, Japanese Honda NSX owners tend to keep their cars mostly stock. They are not fond of forced induction and typically limit their modifications to aftermarket wheels and body kits. The shop’s owner implies that the NSX is designed for agility, and building it for pure speed would go against its intended purpose.

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Overall, T3 has become a haven for Honda NSX enthusiasts, providing restoration services, manufacturing OEM parts, and preserving the spirit of the iconic sports car. The workshop’s dedication to the NSX showcases their passion for these vehicles and their commitment to keeping them on the road for years to come.