December 5, 2023

Sprinkler Irrigation Market Set to Flourish Amidst Agriculture Automation Surge

The global sprinkler irrigation market is poised for promising growth in the short-term outlook, according to a recent market analysis report. The report reveals key insights into how the market’s growth will unfold in the coming years, highlighting factors such as the growing acceptance of agriculture automation, precision farming penetration, and government support as key drivers of this expansion.

Driving Factors for Sprinkler Irrigation Market Growth

The increasing efforts by governments and industry players to promote sprinkler irrigation systems, coupled with the expansion of the area covered by these systems, are expected to fuel market growth. Sprinkler irrigation systems offer advantages such as high application efficiency, easy mechanization, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to deliver soluble chemicals and fertilizers, making them a preferred choice for modern farming.

As the global population continues to grow, and water supplies deplete rapidly, the agriculture industry is under pressure to adopt sustainable farming techniques. Sprinkler systems are being adopted by farmers worldwide, especially in countries like China and India, to cultivate a wide range of crops, from grains and oilseeds to fruits and vegetables.

The increasing acceptance of agriculture automation technologies and precision agriculture, along with the need to meet end-user requirements in chicken farms and extreme climatic conditions, further drive the market’s growth. Additionally, factors like strong returns on investments, the rise in organic farming, and the adoption of irrigation automation technology in public parks and gardens contribute to market expansion.

COVID-19 Impact on the Sprinkler Irrigation Market

While the global COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns disrupted various industries, the impact on the sprinkler irrigation market was manageable. Automated sprinkler systems, particularly in developed markets like North America and Europe, proved resilient, requiring minimal labor. However, economic slowdowns resulting from the pandemic may affect the installation of expensive sprinkler irrigation systems in developing nations.

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Innovations Drive Market Expansion

The demand for sprinkler irrigation has spurred innovations in irrigation systems, leading to improved water resource monitoring and greater efficiency. Key players in the market continually introduce new features and enhancements to their products. Remote-controllable systems, user-friendly control panels, and sensor-based irrigation systems that monitor soil moisture are among the innovations driving market growth.

Government Support Boosts Adoption

Governments in nations facing water scarcity are implementing sustainable agricultural development plans. Countries like China and India offer substantial subsidies to promote the adoption of sprinkler systems, particularly among small and unskilled farmers. Government programs and technical support for sprinkler system installation are creating lucrative growth opportunities in the market.

Challenges to Market Expansion

While sprinkler irrigation offers numerous benefits, the capital investment required can be substantial, making it less attractive for low-value crops. The cost includes pipes, sprinklers, pumps, electrical connections, and installation fees. This investment is often justified for high-value crops like orchards and agricultural fields, but it may yield lower returns for low-value crops.

Market Categories

  • Center Pivot Dominates: The center pivot category is expected to continue dominating the market due to its widespread use and cost-effectiveness. These systems are highly compatible with various crops and offer low annual running costs.
  • Agricultural Field Crops Lead: Field crops like wheat, maize, barley, soybeans, and rice, which are staple foods, drive market growth due to their water-intensive nature. Sprinkler systems are well-suited for producing these crops.

Regional Highlights

  • North America Leads: North America, particularly the US and Canada, is expected to account for the largest revenue share in the market. Well-established market participants, technological advancements, and the need to address water scarcity contribute to its growth.
  • Asia Pacific’s Growth: The Asia Pacific region is experiencing stable revenue growth due to the importance of agriculture in economies like China and India. Increasing population pressures and strong government support for advanced irrigation methods are driving market expansion.
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Competitive Landscape

Key players in the sprinkler irrigation market include Valmont Industries Inc. (U.S.), Lindsay Corporation (U.S.), T-L Irrigation Co (U.S.), Reinke Manufacturing Company Inc. (U.S.), and Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. (India).

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