September 26, 2023
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South Korea’s Advanced Warship, ROKS Chuncheon, Strengthens Naval Defense with Enhanced Anti-Submarine Capabilities

Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN) recently announced a significant boost in offensive abilities against submerged and surface targets with the ROKS Chuncheon. The ship’s anti-submarine warfare capabilities, in particular, will greatly enhance the defense of the Northern Limit Line, stated ROKN director of combatant forces, Jeong Yeong-soon.

ROKN Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Kim Jung-soo, highlighted the ROKN’s consistent preparation for future combat challenges, focusing on developing cutting-edge, multi-dimensional battle capabilities. “Our maritime sovereignty will remain unchallenged as we continue to produce proficient personnel and advanced warships,” he said.

ROKS Chuncheon is scheduled to enter service by the end of 2023, superseding the ROKN’s 1,500-ton and 1,000-ton corvettes.

The Daegu-class frigates are upgraded versions of the Incheon-class, designed to operate a single maritime helicopter and reach top speeds of 30 knots. Key enhancements include a Korean vertical launching system, an array of anti-submarine, anti-ship, and tactical land-attack cruise missiles, the Mk 45 mod. 4 naval gun system as the main gun, and a Phalanx Block 1B close-in weapon system. All the missile systems are manufactured by a local company, LIG Nex1.

The propulsion system combines diesel-electric and gas, making the ships quieter and faster. Moreover, the frigates have an advanced sonar system, specifically designed to boost anti-submarine capabilities in coastal operations.

The Daegu-class frigates have been under construction since 2016, with various vessels launched and commissioned by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) and Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI). The latest addition, ROKS Chuncheon, is set to bolster the Republic of Korea Navy’s prowess further.

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