September 24, 2023
My Pride Youth Centre

Secretary Sports Council Nuzhat Gull Drives Sports Development and Infrastructure in Kashmir Division Under ‘My Youth My Pride’ Initiative

SRINAGAR, July 6: Secretary Sports Council, Nuzhat Gull, convened a meeting at her office chamber in Bakshi Stadium to discuss and review the plan and preparations for various sports activities under the ‘My Youth My Pride’ initiative for the remainder of the year.

During the meeting, Nuzhat Gull sought feedback from all the managers and in-charges present, aiming to expand the scope of activities in the Kashmir division. She expressed her gratitude to the government for its support in providing necessary facilities to the cricketers.

Acknowledging the significant transformation in the sports scenario of Jammu and Kashmir in recent years, Nuzhat Gull commended the staff for their dedication and efforts. She encouraged them to continue their excellent work during this phase of the ‘My Youth My Pride’ initiative. Additionally, she emphasized the formation of monitoring teams to ensure the smooth implementation of activities in all districts, with daily reports being submitted.

During a separate meeting with the Construction Division Kashmir, Secretary Sports Council discussed the progress of ongoing infrastructural projects and requested detailed information regarding the works being carried out.

Addressing the staff from different districts of the Kashmir division, Nuzhat Gull highlighted the administration’s commitment to enhancing sports standards and promoting inclusive growth. She emphasized that the sports programs focus on enabling full participation and advised the staff to ensure the implementation of special activities in every block of the division.

On the spot, Nuzhat Gull directed the distribution of equipment from the central store of the Sports Council to all districts, while instructing the concerned manager to provide regular updates on the progress of distribution. She also instructed the equipping of all indoor halls with the necessary equipment to facilitate sports activities.

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Under the dynamic leadership of Secretary Sports Council Nuzhat Gull, the ‘My Youth My Pride’ initiative aims to nurture and empower the youth of Kashmir through sports, promoting holistic development and creating a platform for talent to thrive.