September 23, 2023

Science News Roundup: Sinking Cities, Giant Dinosaurs, and Rare Albino Echidna

Sinking Cities: New York City’s Buildings Contribute to Subsidence” The combined weight of New York City’s 1,084,954 buildings is causing the city to sink at a rate of approximately 0.08 inches (2.1 millimeters) per year. This intriguing phenomenon highlights the immense impact of urban infrastructure on land subsidence.

Giant Titanosaur Unearthed: Argentine Paleontologists Discover Massive Dinosaur” Paleontologists in Argentina have unearthed the remains of a colossal long-necked titanosaur, measuring around 100 feet (30 meters) in length. The weight of the dinosaur’s fossils was so substantial that it caused a traffic accident and damaged the road during transportation to Buenos Aires for further study. Fortunately, no bones, human or dinosaur, were harmed in the incident.

Mysteries of Science: Octopus Nightmares, Chinese Space Objects, and Dark Matter Stars” Curiosities in the scientific realm include questions about whether octopuses experience nightmares, the nature of objects China is deploying in space, and the quest for evidence of “dark matter stars.” These captivating enigmas keep scientists and enthusiasts pondering the unknown.

Chicken-or-Egg Equivalent: Unraveling the Origins of Comb Jelly and Sea Sponge” Evolutionary scientists have been investigating the age-old question of which came first: the comb jelly or the sea sponge? Recent research has shed light on this intriguing puzzle, providing insights into the early stages of complex life forms and their evolutionary relationships.

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