September 24, 2023
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Samsung Heavy Industries Chooses VeChain Blockchain for Enhanced Security in Shipbuilding Industry, Certified by DNV

In a significant development, DNV, the world-leading certification authority, has issued a Result of Compliance (SoF) certificate to Samsung Heavy Industries for its new blockchain technology application in the shipbuilding industry. Notably, Samsung Heavy Industries selected VeChain’s blockchain technology to ensure secure data transmission for its ship’s autonomous sailing system (SAS) and electronic logbook (eLogBook).

Network security has become a paramount concern in the shipping and maritime industry, especially with the rise of autonomous and unmanned ships and the digitization of operations. The industry heavily relies on information sharing, making robust network security measures imperative.

Samsung Heavy Industries has become the first Korean shipbuilding company to adopt blockchain as a security solution. Dr. Dong Yeon Lee, the Director and Vice President of Samsung Heavy Industries’ ship and ocean engineering research institute, expressed his gratitude to DNV and highlighted the groundbreaking nature of blockchain technology in ensuring data security for autonomous ships. He also reaffirmed Samsung Heavy Industries’ commitment to investing in the development of autonomous ships and the application of blockchain technology.

The digitization of ship navigation and information exchange among stakeholders, shipping companies, shipyards, and manufacturers poses challenges and increased network security risks. Data security within a ship’s internal systems and during communication with shore-side facilities is of utmost importance. Blockchain technology provides a solution by offering information transparency and tamper-proof characteristics. By leveraging blockchain, the maritime industry can safeguard information exchange, preventing unauthorized manipulation or forgery of data by third parties.

VeChain, as an enterprise-grade blockchain platform, actively supports DNV in developing blockchain solutions and applications that meet market demands and enhance security in the maritime sector. VeChain ToolChain provides comprehensive blockchain technology support to enterprise users, empowering partners to expand their business space. Vidar Dolonen, DNV Korea and Japan Regional Manager, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing the aim to seize growth opportunities and create win-win cooperation.

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The adoption of VeChain’s blockchain technology by Samsung Heavy Industries, coupled with the certification from DNV, underlines the significance of blockchain in enhancing security and data integrity within the shipbuilding industry.