December 5, 2023

Quillaja Extract Market Trends: The Rise of Immunity-Boosting Pet Food

The global quillaja extract market is experiencing a surge in demand, driven by two key factors: the growing interest in cleaner, natural ingredients in pet food and the rising need for natural adjuvants in vaccine development. Quillaja extract, derived from the quillay tree native to Chile, is renowned for its high concentration of saponins, which act as natural immunity boosters and adjuvants. As a result, its adoption in various industries is on the rise, promising substantial growth in the coming years.

Pet Food Industry Embracing Quillaja Extract

Pet owners are increasingly seeking healthier and more natural food options for their furry companions, aligning with the broader “better-for-you” trend in the food industry. Quillaja extract, with its perceived immunity-boosting benefits, has found its way into pet food formulations, further fueling the growth of the global quillaja extract market. Additionally, the clean label movement in the food and beverage sector is contributing to the demand for clean and natural products like quillaja extract. Pet owners’ growing awareness of the benefits of natural ingredients in pet food is expected to drive continued demand.

According to the Pet Food Manufacturers Association, over 54% of pet owners prefer natural food for their pets, with a preference for organic and natural ingredient claims. The humanization trend in pet ownership, as reported by the American Pet Products Association, has also led to increased spending on pets, driving the demand for natural and highly nutritious pet food products. Quillaja extract is well-positioned to meet this demand for natural and immunity-boosting pet food.

Quillaja Extract in Vaccine Development

Quillaja extract’s history as a traditional medicine among the Mapuche people in Chile has paved the way for its use in modern vaccine development. The natural immune-boosting properties of quillaja extract make it a valuable ingredient in vaccines, including those for shingles, malaria, and, notably, COVID-19. Companies like Novavax Inc. have incorporated quillaja extract into COVID-19 vaccines to enhance the immune response against the virus. Novavax Inc. plans to produce billions of COVID-19 vaccine doses, particularly for middle and low-income countries, highlighting the potential growth opportunities tied to the use of quillaja extract in vaccine manufacturing.

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FDA Recognition of Quillaja Extract

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recognized quillaja extract as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS), further endorsing its use across various applications. Various companies have sought FDA evaluation for quillaja extract in applications such as emulsifiers in energy drinks, alcoholic beverages, confectioneries, and more. Naturex SA’s quillaja extract type 2 (QET2) received GRAS status for use in alcoholic beverages, chewing gums, energy drinks, coffee drinks, frostings, confectioneries, and more. This FDA assessment is expected to instill confidence in both manufacturers and consumers, driving increased demand for quillaja extract in the years ahead.

Asia Pacific Emerges as a Growth Hub

The Asia Pacific region is poised to lead the growth of the quillaja extract market, primarily due to its applications as an adjuvant in various industries. Emerging economies in the region, especially in pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and cosmetics, offer significant opportunities for quillaja extract usage. Its role as a foaming agent, flavoring agent, and emulsifying agent has opened doors for applications in diverse food products and cosmetic creams. With the growing emphasis on clean labels and the recognition of its immunity-boosting properties, the Asia Pacific quillaja extract market is expected to witness substantial growth.

Market Competition

Key players in the global quillaja extract market include Plantae Labs, Baja Yucca Company, Naturex Group, Ingredion Incorporated, and Unicorn colors.

The global quillaja extract market is on a trajectory of steady growth, driven by its diverse applications in pet food, vaccine development, and various industries. With an increasing focus on natural and clean label products, quillaja extract is well-positioned to meet the evolving demands of consumers and industries alike.

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