September 24, 2023
S.F. Wrestling World Championships

Power Play: Wrestling Federation Elections Delayed Amidst Legal Battle, Wrestlers’ Dreams Hang in Limbo

In a surprising turn of events, a state body, led by a prominent BJP member from Assam, has taken the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) to court, further delaying the long-overdue elections of the national federation. Adding to the complexity of the situation, until recently, the WFI was headed by a BJP MP from Uttar Pradesh. The court has granted a stay order on the elections, leaving the wrestling community in a state of uncertainty.

The ad-hoc committee, which was specifically formed by the government to oversee the elections, has now indefinitely postponed the entire electoral process, citing the order from the Gauhati High Court. This sudden development has left the protesting wrestlers, who had temporarily suspended their agitation, in a state of confusion. For the past two weeks, these dedicated athletes had been tirelessly training for 4-5 hours each day in the hopes of returning to the mat soon.

Now, with the court battle against WFI’s embattled chief, Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, looming, the wrestlers are unsure whether to remain in Sonepat or relocate their training base abroad. Their future hangs in the balance as they prepare to fight a legal battle, uncertain of when they will be able to compete again.

Meanwhile, other wrestlers eagerly await news about the selection process for two major competitions this year—the World Championships, a crucial Olympic qualifier, and the upcoming Asian Games. The delay in the WFI elections has cast a shadow of doubt over their aspirations, as they anxiously await clarity on the path they must take to secure a spot in these prestigious tournaments.

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The wrestling community, once filled with hope and determination, now finds itself caught in the midst of a power struggle and legal entanglements. As the sport’s future hangs in limbo, the dreams and aspirations of these talented athletes remain uncertain, leaving them in a state of distress and anticipation for a resolution to this complex situation.