December 9, 2023

Oxo Alcohol Market: Expanding Applications Fuel Steady Growth

Oxo alcohol, a versatile chemical compound, is finding an ever-expanding array of applications across industries such as refrigeration, air conditioning, chemical processing, transportation, coatings, paints, adhesives, and lubricants. This surge in usage is significantly impacting the sales and overall growth of the oxo alcohol market. Furthermore, industries are increasingly opting for polymer-based products, driven by the need for operational cost optimization, which is further contributing to the growth of this market. The adoption of oxo alcohol in downstream applications, including the production of 2-Ehtyl Hexyl Acrylate and DEHP (Di-2-Ethyl Hexyl Phthalate), is also poised to drive demand, as these products enhance fuel performance and reduce emission rates, particularly in the petrochemical sector.

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Plasticisers: A Dominant Force in the Oxo Alcohol Market
The use of oxo alcohol in the manufacturing of plasticisers is expected to witness substantial growth, bolstering the oxo alcohol market globally. Plasticisers are crucial additives that improve the fluidity or plasticity of materials. They play a vital role in the production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products, widely utilized in various industrial applications such as PVC films, flooring, cables, and wires. Plasticisers enhance the flexibility and durability of polymers, making them essential in industries ranging from construction to automotive manufacturing and energy. This increased demand for plasticisers is contributing significantly to the expansion of the oxo alcohol market.

Asia Pacific: A Bright Spot in the Oxo Alcohol Market
The Asia Pacific region is emerging as a key player in the oxo alcohol market, with rapid industrialization in developing economies driving demand. Oxo alcohol, used in plasticiser manufacturing, is ideal for enhancing compound characteristics and reducing the water-to-cement ratio, making it a preferred choice in construction projects. Furthermore, Asia Pacific’s demand for oxo alcohol is surging due to its applications in paints, coatings, and adhesives, which are used across diverse industries, including packaging, automotive manufacturing, and energy.

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Despite a previous period of price stagnation in the oxo alcohol market, the current scenario is optimistic. Recent rebounds in the prices of n-Butanol have injected positivity among oxo alcohol manufacturers. In China, the post-spring festival season has been favorable for the oxo alcohol market, with prices expected to remain robust in the near future. Similarly, in India, the increasing use of oxo alcohol in the coatings and paint sector has reshaped demand dynamics, contributing to the market’s growth. Manufacturers can anticipate a surge in opportunities from the Asia Pacific region, driven by a favorable supply and demand landscape.

Competitive Landscape
The stable growth trajectory of the oxo alcohol market has prompted numerous manufacturers to realign their strategies concerning pricing, investment, capacity expansion, and geographical reach. Major players like Evonik Industries, BASF Petronas, LG Chem, Andhra Petrochemicals, and others have introduced innovative products and expanded their portfolios to meet the evolving needs of the industry. For instance, in 2021, Evonik announced the expansion of its plasticiser portfolio, while BASF introduced a new oxo alcohol catalyst, Ni 3354E, designed to enhance IPA production efficiency. IOCL (Indian Oil Corporation Limited) has also ventured into the oxo alcohol project, demonstrating the growing investment in this sector.

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