December 5, 2023

Organic Fertilizers Market Size Expands Alongside Organic Food Sales Growth in the US

The United States has witnessed a remarkable surge in the consumption of organic food over the past two years, with sales reaching a staggering $56.4 billion in 2020, representing a remarkable growth rate of 12.8%, according to the Organic Trade Association (OTA). The COVID-19 pandemic played a significant role in accelerating this trend, as consumers shifted their focus from dining out to preparing healthy, home-cooked organic meals. This shift has not only bolstered the organic food market but has also given an unprecedented boost to the demand for organic fertilizers.

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Environmentally Friendly Strategies and R&D Fuel Growth in the Organic Fertilizer Industry

In response to increasing environmental concerns, regulatory authorities are actively promoting eco-friendly practices in agriculture. For instance, Japan’s Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Ministry set an ambitious goal in March 2021 to reduce the use of pesticides and chemicals in agriculture by half by 2050. Such initiatives are expected to drive the adoption of organic fertilizers.

Furthermore, ongoing research and development efforts in the organic fertilizer sector are poised to create exciting opportunities for manufacturers. Initiatives like the agreement between JK Lake & Waterways Authority, CEF Group, and the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India to produce organic fertilizers from lake weeds are likely to stimulate sales of organic fertilizers in the years ahead.

Europe Commits to Sustainable Farming with Organic Fertilizers

The European Union (EU) has recently revamped regulations governing the use of fertilizers made from mined and chemical sources, recognizing their adverse impact on soil and the environment. This shift has prompted farmers to turn to organic fertilizers to make agriculture more sustainable. Increasing numbers of organic farms, coupled with heightened awareness of sustainable agriculture and supportive government initiatives, are driving the demand for organic fertilizers. The EU’s decision to allow organic fertilizers with CE marking to move freely across all member states is further contributing to the growth of the organic fertilizer market in Europe.

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India’s Organic Fertilizer Market Set for Growth

In developing countries like India, organic fertilizers are gaining prominence due to concerns about traditional fertilizers and their greenhouse gas emissions. The Indian government is actively encouraging farmers to transition to organic farming by offering incentives and implementing favorable policies. Initiatives such as the implementation of an organic farming policy in Andhra Pradesh and the provision of cost-effective machinery through Community Hiring Centers (CHS) are expected to further boost the adoption of organic fertilizers.

Moreover, India’s role in the export of organic fertilizers is set to strengthen. Recent disruptions in the import of Chinese organic fertilizers to Sri Lanka have opened the door for India to provide organic fertilizers to its neighbor, a move that is expected to bolster the morale of organic fertilizer manufacturers in the country.

Strategic Alliances and M&A Shaping the Organic Fertilizer Market

Key players in the organic fertilizers market are actively pursuing strategic alliances and mergers and acquisitions to strengthen their positions. Notable examples include Perdue Farms and Bioenergy DevCo’s partnership to acquire an organic fertilizer processing facility in 2019, with the aim of expanding their organic fertilizer supply. Companies such as Biostar Renewables, Sustane Natural Fertilizer Inc., True Organic Products LLC, Coromandel International Limited, Nature Safe, National Fertilizers Limited, and Italpollina SpA continue to play pivotal roles in driving the organic fertilizer market forward.

As the demand for organic food continues to soar and the focus on sustainable agriculture intensifies, the organic fertilizer industry is poised for substantial growth in the coming years.

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