September 23, 2023

Opel Unveils One-Off Rocks E-Extreme, a Futuristic Electric Quadricycle

Opel recently showcased a one-off creation called the Rocks E-Extreme, an electric quadricycle designed by a student. The automaker had invited designers on social media to submit their own version of Opel’s Rocks-e quadricycle, and Lukas Wenzhofer’s futuristic all-terrain design emerged as the winner.

The Rocks-e quadricycle falls under the same classification as mopeds in Germany, allowing it to be driven with an AM class license by individuals as young as 15 years old. The vehicle has a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph), a weight limit of 350 kg (771 pounds) excluding batteries, and a power output capped at 4 kW for electric models. The Rocks-e offers a range of 75 km (WLTP) and comes with an affordable price tag of €7,990 ($8,698).

While the Rocks E-Extreme is a one-off concept and won’t enter production, it showcases the creative potential of electric vehicles. Wenzhofer aimed to demonstrate the off-road capabilities of the quadricycle and highlight the enjoyment and freedom of driving electric vehicles.

Opel’s concept engineers worked hard to stay true to Wenzhofer’s design. The concept features a wide stance, double wishbone suspension at the front, and a bright yellow integrated roll-over cage for added safety. 3D printing was extensively utilized to keep weight and the center of gravity low.

The most prominent addition to the Rocks E-Extreme is a massive rear wing made of carbon fiber, taken from a Vectra GTS V8, which features the “e-Xtreme” branding and the number 001. The car is a testament to the capabilities of electric vehicles and aims to generate excitement for electromobility.

The Rocks E-Extreme will go on tour, although specific details regarding the locations and dates have not been disclosed. The concept car’s unique design and performance capabilities highlight the diverse range of electric vehicles available in different parts of the world. The combination of futuristic styling, off-road capability, and electric power makes the Rocks E-Extreme an appealing vehicle for zipping through city streets.

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