December 9, 2023

On-the-Go Breakfast Market Size and Share Surge Amidst Lifestyle Trends 2030

The on-the-go breakfast market is experiencing unprecedented growth as consumers increasingly seek convenient and instant breakfast options to fit their fast-paced lifestyles. This trend is particularly prominent in urban areas and among individuals with demanding schedules, such as commuters, working professionals, and students living independently. The market’s expansion is primarily driven by the need for more convenient food choices to accommodate the evolving on-the-go lifestyle.

Cereal-Based On-the-Go Breakfast Dominates

In 2019, breakfast cereal emerged as the star of the on-the-go breakfast market, capturing the largest market share. Fairfield Market Research analysts project that convenience stores will continue to dominate this segment, while the online distribution channel is set for the highest compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the coming years. The surge in internet usage, coupled with consumers’ preference for convenient purchasing options, is expected to drive the online segment’s growth in the on-the-go breakfast market.

Expanding Distribution Networks to Stay Competitive

Europe currently holds the largest market share, closely followed by North America. The fast-paced lifestyle of Europeans has contributed to the popularity of convenience products, prompting manufacturers to focus on expanding their product reach within the region. Companies like Nestle have expanded their breakfast ranges into various high-traffic locations, such as airports, railway stations, and hospitals, demonstrating their commitment to satisfying consumer demand for on-the-go breakfast options.

Untapped Potential in Asian Markets

While on-the-go breakfast products have gained substantial penetration in developed Western nations, their presence in developing Asian economies remains gradual. Even in rapidly developing countries like China and India, there are untapped opportunities for brands to make their mark in the on-the-go breakfast market. Manufacturers are opting for selective distribution channels to cater to these emerging markets, paving the way for growth opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.

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The Shift Towards Health and Convenience

In addition to convenience, consumers are increasingly prioritizing health when choosing on-the-go breakfast options. The demand for high-protein and fiber-rich products is on the rise, especially in the US, the UK, and China. Consumers are also seeking value-added products with nutritional benefits, prompting manufacturers to introduce healthier alternatives in the on-the-go breakfast category.

Key Manufacturers Focus on Health Claims

Leading players in the on-the-go breakfast market, including Kellogg’s Co., MOMA, Sanitarium, Weetabix Ltd., Nestle S.A., Uncle Toby’s, General Mills Inc., and Bagrrys India Ltd. (Bagrry’s), are expanding their product portfolios to include more convenient and nutritious breakfast options. These offerings align with consumers’ desire for healthier on-the-go breakfast choices that don’t compromise on taste or convenience.

The on-the-go breakfast market is poised for remarkable growth, driven by the intersection of convenience and health-conscious consumer preferences. As the demand for quick and nutritious breakfast options continues to surge, both established and emerging players in the industry are gearing up to meet the evolving needs of consumers worldwide.

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