September 24, 2023

Musk’s Triple Threat: SpaceX, Twitter, and Tesla Collaborate for AI Boost – Musk Accuses Rivals of Unlawful Practices

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX (referred to as xAI), Twitter, and Tesla, announced plans to synergize the operations of his diverse businesses. The conversation started late as Twitter was busy tweaking the algorithm to ensure maximum user participation.

Musk revealed that his companies would collaborate, using public tweets for training their AI models. Moreover, there is potential for a partnership between SpaceX and Tesla for the development of AI software, which could provide a much-needed acceleration to Tesla’s self-driving technology. He touted this potential synergy as mutually beneficial.

In a fiery accusation, Musk claimed that all AI firms are illegally training their models using Twitter data. This allegation is bound to ruffle some feathers in the tech industry.

Musk, a long-time advocate for regulations in the field of AI, has been seeking meetings with White House officials and top government officials in China. His agenda: emphasize the need for regulation in AI to prevent misuse and promote fair competition.

Stay tuned as this tri-fold alliance between SpaceX, Twitter, and Tesla forges new paths in the world of AI.

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