September 26, 2023

Microsoft Unveils New Collaboration Features: Like Button in Word and Phone Camera Roll Integration in Windows 11

Microsoft is making strides in enhancing collaboration and user experience across its platforms with the introduction of two exciting features. In Word, the tech giant is rolling out a new Like button, similar to the reactions feature in Outlook, allowing users to easily respond to comments within documents. This feature is now available for web users and Beta Channel users, and it’s gradually being released to Current Channel (Preview) users running Version 2305 or later. While the Like button is expected to foster seamless collaboration and feedback, it may not be accessible to iOS and Android users, and older documents might not support this feature. Nevertheless, it will surely streamline communication on newly added comments.

Moreover, Microsoft is not stopping there. The company has plans to extend the Like button feature to Word for Mac users in the coming weeks, ensuring a more comprehensive user experience across different platforms.

In addition to the Word enhancement, Microsoft’s recent release of a new Windows 11 dev build introduces a novel capability. Insiders can now view their phone’s camera roll directly in the File Explorer Gallery. This integration allows users to effortlessly add photos from their phones with a simple click of a newly added button in the File Explorer’s command bar. This feature is set to enhance content engagement and streamline workflows for Windows 11 users.

With these intuitive new features, Microsoft is empowering its users to interact with content in more engaging and efficient ways, making collaboration and content management a breeze.

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