December 9, 2023

Liquid Packaging Market Adapts to Shifting Trends with Focus on Flexibility and Sustainability

The liquid packaging market is experiencing a significant transformation, driven by changing dynamics in the food and beverages and consumer goods industries. The liquid packaging solutions (LPS) industry is poised to reach a remarkable milestone, with an estimated worth of US$400 billion by 2025. This industry holds a vital position within the broader industrials sector, featuring a diverse range of players including packaging converters and equipment companies. A notable trend in this evolving market is the shift towards flexible packaging solutions, which promises cost-efficiency, improved production processes, and enhanced sustainability.

Innovations Pave the Way

The journey of liquid packaging innovations began with gable-top milk cartons, and it has since evolved to cater to various sectors, including beverages, processed foods, chemicals, and cosmetics. The choice of liquid packaging solutions is influenced by factors such as size, weight capacity, volume, and consumer preferences.

Rigid Packaging Dominates

Within the liquid packaging market, two primary categories stand out: rigid and flexible. Rigid liquid packaging includes cartons, paperboard, glass, cans, plastics, and PET bottles. Among these, plastics and PET bottles hold the largest share, widely used for packaging water, carbonated drinks, alcohol, dairy products, and more. Rigid packaging is favored for its resistance to impact, moisture, recyclability, and chemicals, making it a traditional choice for liquid products.

Expanding Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical Sectors Drive Demand

The food & beverage and consumer product sectors, encompassing cosmetics, personal care, and home care, are the primary users of flexible liquid packaging products. These sectors experience continuous demand for packaging, driven by the consumption of items like ready-made meals, dietary beverages, and daily-use products. The market has witnessed innovations such as BOPP films on pouches, plasma coating on films, stand-up pouches, controlled atmosphere packaging, modified atmosphere packaging, and multi-layer films packaging.

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Automation Enhances Production

Automation in packaging processes has further streamlined production, attracting more manufacturers to diversify their product offerings. Advances in filling machines have boosted production efficiency by speeding up processes and reducing waste.

Recent Developments

Recent developments in the liquid packaging market include Smurfit Kappa’s investment of approximately US$36 million in its paper sack business in America, as well as Liquibox’s acquisition of DS Smith plc’s plastic division to strengthen its flexible packaging and dispenser business.

Global Growth Prospects

Asia Pacific currently leads the global liquid packaging market in terms of value and is expected to maintain its position until 2025. Countries like China, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia are witnessing a surge in liquid packaging demand, particularly in the food & beverage sector. North America and Europe are also poised for substantial growth, driven by increasing usage of paper products and a preference for plastics and paper over glass and metal packaging.

Competitive Landscape

Key market players such as Mondi PLC, Tetra Laval International S.A., Nippon Paper Industries Co. Ltd, and Elopak AS have made the liquid packaging market highly competitive.

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