December 9, 2023

IQF Vegetables Market Size, Share, and Future Growth 2030

The global IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) vegetables market is experiencing significant growth, driven by the increasing demand for convenience foods, especially in emerging economies such as China and India. The busy lifestyles of individuals, coupled with a growing aging population, have led to a surge in the preference for Ready-to-Eat (RTA) foods, fueling the adoption of IQF vegetables.

Convenience and Nutrition Preservation

Consumers are prioritizing time-saving options, and IQF vegetables with the RTA label on their packaging provide the perfect solution. These products can be used directly in cooking by simply defrosting them, saving valuable preparation time. Additionally, IQF technology ensures the preservation of nutrition while maintaining the taste and texture of vegetables over a longer duration. The quick freezing process prevents the formation of large ice crystals around vegetable cells, preserving color, shape, taste, and aroma after defrosting.

Challenges and Regulatory Environment

While IQF vegetables offer numerous benefits, there are challenges to overcome. The risk of listeriosis outbreaks associated with frozen vegetables, caused by the presence of Listeria monocytogenes bacteria, has raised concerns. In response, food companies are taking extra precautions during processing to minimize these risks.

Stringent regulations have also been imposed to address safety concerns. Authorities such as the European Association of Fruit and Vegetable Processing Industries (PROFEL) and the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA) have introduced hygiene guidelines and regulations to ensure the safe handling and consumption of IQF vegetables. Such regulations impact the import and export of IQF vegetables.

COVID-19 Impact and Regional Growth

The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a temporary impact on the IQF vegetables market. Consumer reluctance to consume processed foods due to safety concerns and fluctuating prices resulting from processing and transportation costs have influenced the market. However, as the pandemic situation stabilizes, the market is expected to regain momentum.

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North America is poised to maintain its dominance in the global IQF vegetables market. Developed economies in the region, including the United States and Canada, are witnessing a growing preference for nutrition-rich diets, contributing to increased demand for IQF vegetables. In 2018, 99% of American households consumed frozen food, emphasizing the market’s growth potential in the region.

Emerging Markets

Emerging economies like India are showing substantial growth potential in the IQF vegetables market. The Indian frozen food market reached $85 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $193 billion by the end of 2024, driven by factors such as the growth of refrigerated warehouses, a rising inclination toward frozen food consumption, and an increasing number of retail stores and supermarkets.

Market Key Players

Key players in the IQF vegetables market include ConAgra Foods Inc., B&G Foods Holdings Corp., Kerry Group Plc., Greenyard NV, and Pinnacle Foods Inc.

The global IQF vegetables market is on a growth trajectory, driven by consumer demand for convenient, nutritious, and safe food options. Despite challenges, the market is expected to thrive, with North America leading the way and emerging economies contributing to its expansion.

Global Industry Analysis (2018 – 2021) – Growth Trends and Market Forecast (2022 – 2029)

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