December 5, 2023

Industrial Explosives Market Share: Mining and Construction Dominate

The industrial explosives market is experiencing sustained growth, with mining and construction industries driving its expansion. The latest data reveals that coal and metal mining, along with the building and construction sector, are the primary consumers of industrial explosives, collectively accounting for a significant portion of the global consumption volume.

Coal Mining Dominates Industrial Explosives Consumption

Coal mining remains the largest consumer segment, contributing to over 35% of the total industrial explosives consumption worldwide. However, the demand for coal mining is gradually declining due to global sustainability efforts. Conversely, the metal mining sector is projected to grow, primarily due to the distribution of metallic minerals in specific geographic regions.

Construction Industry Fuels Growth

The building and construction industry is a key contributor to the industrial explosives market, with its continued expansion and applications in infrastructure development, including roads, railways, tunnels, and hydropower stations. Additionally, the automotive industry maintains a steady demand for industrial explosives.

Bulk Explosives Preferred for Efficiency and Customization

Bulk explosives are the preferred choice among mining companies due to their cost competitiveness, convenience in storage, handling, and on-site delivery. Their ability to be customized for various geological conditions and consumer demands further drives their consumption. Packaged explosives consumption is also rising in the construction industry, particularly for excavation projects.

Ammonium Nitrate (AN) Regains Momentum

Ammonium nitrate (AN) stands out as a favored explosive product, prized for its safety advantages in storage and shipping. It can be blended with fuel oil, making it a crucial component in material extraction activities, particularly in coal mining. AN demand experienced a dip during the COVID-19 pandemic but is expected to recover as coal extraction regains momentum.

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China and India Lead the Way

China, as a leading global producer of coal and metals, is a significant hub for industrial explosives demand. India is also emerging as an attractive market, driven by growth in quarrying and coal mining sectors, supported by favorable policies and top manufacturers.

Global Expansion Efforts and Innovation

Key players in the industrial explosives market, including NOF Corporation, Orica Limited, and Dyno Nobel, are strengthening their supply and distribution networks. They are focusing on advanced technologies for on-site delivery of bulk explosives, aiming to provide high performance at competitive prices. Companies are also investing in research and development to meet evolving consumer demands while ensuring safety.

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