September 23, 2023

Improvement in Tech Job Market Amidst Layoffs and Challenges

In the midst of widespread layoffs and concerns in the tech industry, there are signs of improvement in the job market, according to a recent report. The report highlights a 2% rise in hiring activity in the tech sector last month, providing a glimmer of hope for job seekers. Other sectors such as healthcare, BPO, production and manufacturing, and logistics have also experienced increases in recruitment activity. Healthcare saw an 11% rise, while the BPO sector witnessed a 7% increase. Production and manufacturing, as well as logistics, had rises of 5% and 9%, respectively.

foundit CEO, Sekhar Garisa, expressed optimism, stating that jobs in sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, and IT have rebounded, and he expects to see better hiring intentions in the upcoming quarter as companies reassess their talent requirements. While the tech job market still faces challenges, the slight improvement provides a ray of hope for job seekers.

In related news, Microsoft recently announced another round of layoffs, affecting 276 employees primarily in customer service, support, and sales departments. This comes after a previous announcement of laying off 10,000 employees globally earlier this year. Microsoft emphasized that organizational and workforce adjustments are a regular part of managing their business, and they will continue to prioritize strategic growth areas.

Despite the challenges and layoffs faced by major tech companies, the slight improvement in the overall tech job market suggests that opportunities are emerging, providing some relief to job seekers in the industry.

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