September 23, 2023
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Google Duet Unveils New AI Feature in Sheets: Simplifying Organization

Google Duet, known for its AI capabilities in Docs and Slides, is expanding its range by introducing a new feature in Sheets. In a recent tweet, the company announced that the “help me organize” tool is now available on Google Workspace Labs, offering users enhanced organizational abilities within Google Sheets.

The functionality of the feature in Sheets is simple yet powerful. Users will notice a new side panel labeled “Help me organize” upon opening Sheets. Through this panel, users can provide prompts such as “agenda for a one-day sales kickoff event with session descriptions and status.” Additionally, users have the option to enter and customize a table according to their specific needs. The ultimate goal of this feature is to streamline complex tracking and organization, making it easier for users to manage their data effectively.

To access the new Google Duet AI features, Google Workspace users are required to sign up for the Workspace Labs Wishlist. By following this process, users can experience the benefits of Google’s AI technology while retaining control over their work. Pappu, a representative from Google, stated, “We’re designing our products based on Google’s AI Principles, which prioritize user control. AI suggestions are provided, but you have the freedom to accept, edit, or change them.” Furthermore, Google plans to implement administrative controls to assist IT administrators in configuring and managing policies within their organizations.

Interestingly, Google’s introduction of Duet AI comes shortly after the launch of the Microsoft 365 Copilot Early Access Programme. This program enables users to generate and summarize data from spreadsheets and documents using the Microsoft 365 Copilot application. These advancements from both Google and Microsoft signify their commitment to enhancing productivity and user experience for their respective platforms.

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In addition to the new feature in Sheets, Google has also introduced the “Help me write” tool in Gmail and Docs. Users of Gmail for iOS and Android can access this feature by tapping the compose button at the bottom right corner of the screen. By simply entering instructions such as “A thank you letter for my job interview” or “A job application,” users can generate an email draft through AI assistance. The generated text can then be further refined or modified before sending.

Users are given the option to provide feedback on the generated content or create a new version by selecting the “Recreate” button. While Google has not specified a date, the company plans to extend the Help me write functionality to Google Docs in the near future.

As technology continues to evolve, Google remains committed to improving its suite of productivity tools for Google Workspace clients. By incorporating AI features like Google Duet and Help me write, Google aims to simplify and enhance user workflows, making everyday tasks more efficient and manageable.

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