February 22, 2024

Global Gelatin Market Expected to Thrive Amid Rising Demand for Clean-Label Products and Expanding Medicinal Applications

The global gelatin market is experiencing robust growth driven by the surging demand for functional foods and beverages, coupled with expanding medicinal applications. With its exceptional gelling, stabilizing, and foaming qualities, gelatin has found its way into a wide range of industries, including the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and healthcare sectors.

Clean-Label Products Fueling Market Expansion One of the key drivers of this growth is the increasing consumer preference for clean-label products. Gelatin’s versatility as a food stabilizer has led to its use in various products, including pasta, yogurt, jams, and jellies. Additionally, its ability to prevent diseases, enhance food quality, and contribute to food fortification has made it a sought-after ingredient in the functional food industry.

Innovative Technology and AI Integration Technology development is also a significant trend shaping the gelatin market. Artificial intelligence (AI) is opening up new possibilities for gelatin applications, including artificial olfaction, where gelatin is used to mimic the sense of smell. Innovative research in biomolecular engineering labs demonstrates the potential for intelligent gelatin in various fields.

COVID-19 Impact and Pharmaceutical Sector Despite the initial setback caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the gelatin market rebounded due to increased demand from the pharmaceutical industry. The heightened focus on health and well-being during the pandemic boosted the consumption of functional foods and beverages, further driving the gelatin market.

Escalating Adoption Across Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sectors The rise in chronic diseases, aging populations, and health consciousness has led to greater utilization of gelatin in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Gelatin’s contribution to weight loss, skin health, and joint health has spurred innovation in dermatological products and nutritional supplements.

Consumer Preference for Plant-Based Alternatives The growing demand for natural and environmentally friendly ingredients has led to the development of vegan gelatin alternatives. As consumers seek plant-based options, manufacturers are exploring new ways to cater to this segment.

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Porcine Category Dominates Based on Affordability The affordability of porcine gelatin has made it a dominant player in the market. It is extensively used in vaccines due to its superior stabilizing properties. Meanwhile, the bovine segment is gaining traction, particularly among athletes and fitness enthusiasts for its potential in aiding recovery.

Food and Beverages Lead the Market In 2021, the food and beverages category dominated the gelatin market, driven by the product’s use in snacks, sweets, gummy bears, desserts, and nutritional supplements. The healthcare and pharmaceutical segment is expected to see significant growth in the coming years, thanks to gelatin’s versatility in medical applications.

Europe Dominates with Key End-Use Industries Europe holds the largest revenue share in the gelatin market, driven by demand from the cosmetics, food, beverage, and healthcare industries. The presence of established businesses and a robust meat processing industry further boosts production in the region.

North America Experiences Stable Growth North America is anticipated to witness stable revenue growth, driven by increasing consumer awareness of the health and beauty benefits of gelatin. Access to raw materials, product launches, and a strong presence of market competitors contribute to the region’s growth.

Competitive Landscape Prominent players in the global gelatin market include Sterling Biotech Limited, Gelita AG, Darling Ingredients Inc, Nitta Gelatin Inc., India Gelatine & Chemicals, Tessenderlo Group, Sterling Gelatin, PB Gelatins GmbH, Junca Gelatines S.L, Trobas Gelatine BV, and Weishardt Holding SA.

The gelatin market is poised for substantial growth, driven by consumer demand for clean-label products, technological innovations, and expanding applications across various industries. With a focus on sustainability and health-consciousness, the gelatin market is expected to continue its upward trajectory.


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