February 21, 2024

Gaming Accessories Market : Emerging Trends and Growth Opportunities 2023-2030

The global gaming accessories market, boasting a substantial revenue of approximately US $7 billion in 2021, is currently experiencing remarkable growth. With the burgeoning presence of virtual reality (VR) technology, the market is set to undergo significant expansion, creating new avenues for innovation and advancement.

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Fueling Force: Surge in Home Console Sales

Gaming enthusiasts invest not only in gaming consoles and PCs but also in their entire gaming setup, including an array of gaming desk accessories. From ergonomic gaming chairs and standing gaming desks to gaming monitors, USB hubs, and LED lighting, the gaming accessories market is thriving due to the mounting demand for gaming consoles in households.

The market’s trajectory is further propelled by the introduction of new video games with demanding graphics and the transition from console gaming to on-demand visual entertainment. Technological advancements like the NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro, a fusion of gaming console and controller, have revolutionized the gaming experience. With constant product launches and an emphasis on enhancing the gaming experience, manufacturers are fiercely competing to provide a diverse range of options, including gaming keyboards with RGB lighting.

VR Technology: Bridging Reality and Fiction

The gaming accessories market is witnessing a surge in the adoption of VR technology, blurring the lines between fiction and reality. Virtual reality tools offer immersive gaming experiences, enriching the connection between gamers and the gaming world. The future of VR lies in cordless, standalone headsets that mimic the capabilities of game consoles. Oculus, for instance, is pioneering standalone VR headsets that encompass both gaming and media content.

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Online Gaming’s Rising Tide Lifts Gaming Accessories Market

Controllers are anticipated to be the fastest-growing segment within the gaming accessories market, driven by the increasing demand for online games. The proliferation of virtual reality technology and the use of smartphones to enhance VR experiences contribute to the growth of VR gaming accessories. This rapid expansion is further buoyed by rising disposable incomes among consumers.

Asia Pacific: A Gaming Hub

Asia Pacific leads the gaming accessories market as both the largest consumer region and the fastest-growing one. The region’s gaming hubs, including China, Australia, Japan, and South Korea, account for a significant portion of global gaming industry profits. The growth of the e-sports sector and increasing popularity of e-sports and viewership in nations like Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia have generated new opportunities for the gaming accessories market. The proliferation of 5G connections and the development of new platforms are poised to accelerate the market’s growth in Asia Pacific.

Thriving Competition and Innovation

In January 2021, Microsoft Corporation introduced Pulse red wireless controllers, offering seamless connectivity across Xbox consoles, PCs, and Android devices. Meanwhile, Logitech G and Herman Miller joined forces in February 2020 to create high-performance gaming furniture, catering to the demands of esports competitors, players, and streamers.

Prominent players in the gaming accessories market include CST Industries, Inc. (US), McDermott International Inc. (US), Containment Solutions Inc. (US), DN Tanks (US), Caldwell Tanks (US), Balmoral Tanks Limited (UK), and Synalloy Corporation (US). The market’s growth is defined by a thriving ecosystem of innovation, competition, and technology, set to shape the future of gaming.

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Global Gaming Accessories Market: A Landscape of Innovation

As the world of gaming accessories expands, new opportunities and challenges arise. Manufacturers are poised to continue delivering cutting-edge products, ensuring a dynamic and fiercely competitive landscape in the global gaming accessories market.

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