September 23, 2023
Tesla Model X

Ford CEO Dismisses Tesla Cybertruck as Not a Rival to F-150 Lightning, Calls it a Vehicle for “Silicon Valley People”

Ford CEO Jim Farley expressed his lack of concern regarding the Tesla Cybertruck and doesn’t see it as a direct competitor to Ford’s F-150 Lightning. In an interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer, Farley referred to the Cybertruck as a vehicle designed for “Silicon Valley people.”

Farley emphasized that Ford is the market leader for electric trucks and vans and understands the needs of those customers better than anyone. He stated that if Elon Musk wants to design a Cybertruck for Silicon Valley individuals, that’s fine, but Ford focuses on making trucks for real people who do real work.

Farley highlighted the practicality and functionality of Ford’s trucks, emphasizing that they are designed for everyday users engaged in various types of work. He suggested that the Cybertruck lacks these qualities, making it fundamentally different from Ford’s trucks.

While Farley may not take the Cybertruck seriously, he acknowledged the importance of Tesla’s Supercharger network. Ford recently announced an agreement with Tesla, allowing Ford’s electric vehicles to access Tesla’s Supercharger network in the US and Canada by next year. Farley stated that the decision was made in the best interest of customers.

Overall, Farley’s comments reflect his belief that Ford’s F-150 Lightning and the Tesla Cybertruck cater to different customer segments and serve different purposes. Ford aims to maintain its position as a leader in the electric truck market by focusing on the needs of everyday users.

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