September 23, 2023
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Exploring Core Web Vitals and the Power of Generative AI in Google Search

In the latest episode of Google Search News for July 2023, John Mueller provides valuable insights into the recent updates across various aspects of Search, including Core Web Vitals, Search Console, Search Labs, and more. This article will delve into the key highlights and changes discussed in the video, presenting them in a rewritten and unique format while incorporating important SEO-friendly keywords.

Core Web Vitals: Enhancing Page Experience for Better Content

At the forefront of the discussion, Mueller emphasizes the importance of Core Web Vitals in creating helpful and user-centric content. Core Web Vitals are key metrics that assess the overall page experience, taking into account factors like loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability. To delve deeper into this topic, Mueller points to several resources:

  • The role of page experience in creating helpful content: This resource provides valuable insights into the significance of page experience in delivering content that satisfies users’ needs. You can access it at
  • Introducing INP to Core Web Vitals: Mueller introduces the concept of “Input and Next Paint” (INP) as a new addition to Core Web Vitals. This resource offers further information on this topic, and you can find it at
  • Advancing Interaction to Next Paint: This resource explores the advancements made in improving the interaction between users and web pages. It provides valuable insights into how the Next Paint metric plays a crucial role in enhancing user experience. You can read more about it at

News Sites and SEO Best Practices

Mueller also sheds light on the best practices for news sites and their SEO strategies. To optimize news content for better visibility in search results, he recommends the following resources:

  • SEO best practices for news sites: This resource offers comprehensive guidance on how news sites can implement effective SEO strategies to improve their rankings and visibility. You can access it at
  • Search Console for news sites: This resource focuses on leveraging the power of Search Console specifically for news sites. It provides valuable tips and insights on how news publishers can benefit from this tool. Find more information at
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Harnessing the Potential of Generative AI in Search

Another exciting development discussed in the episode is the integration of generative AI into Search. Mueller highlights the significance of this technology in shaping the future of Search and invites users to contribute to its evolution. To participate and explore the potential of generative AI, he suggests the following resources:

  • Help us build the future of Search with Search Labs: This resource provides an opportunity for users to actively contribute to the development of Search through experiments and testing. Discover more at
  • Supercharging Search with generative AI: Mueller discusses the exciting possibilities that generative AI offers in enhancing the search experience. This resource further explores the integration of generative AI into Search, and you can find it at

Insights and Tools from Search Console

Mueller also provides updates regarding Search Console, highlighting valuable insights and tools available for webmasters. Some of the resources mentioned include:

  • Search Console insights: This resource offers webmasters a comprehensive overview of their website’s performance, providing actionable insights to improve user experience and optimize content. Access it at
  • Video indexing report: For website owners who publish videos, this resource offers insights into the indexing and visibility of video content in Google Search. Find more information at
  • Search Console Training videos: To further support webmasters in utilizing Search Console effectively, a series of training videos are available. These videos provide step-by-step guidance on various aspects of Search Console. Explore them at
  • Sitemaps: Mueller emphasizes the importance of sitemaps in helping search engines discover and understand website content. This resource provides detailed information on how to create and optimize sitemaps. Learn more at
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Community Insights and Updates

Additionally, the episode features community insights and updates relevant to the world of search and SEO. Mueller highlights the following resources:

  • Google SGE vs. Bing Chat: Early Research on AI-Driven Search Products + Results: This resource explores a comparison between Google’s SGE (Search Generated Experiences) and Bing Chat, focusing on AI-driven search products and their outcomes. Access it at
  • Website Crawling: The What, Why & How To Optimize: This resource offers valuable insights into website crawling, explaining its importance, purpose, and methods to optimize crawling for better search engine visibility. Find more information at
  • IBM SEO improvements (tweets): This resource highlights recent SEO improvements made by IBM and provides valuable information on their strategies. Explore it at

The Ever-Evolving Search Landscape

To stay up-to-date with the latest developments and changes in the world of Google Search, Mueller encourages users to explore the following resources:

  • Crawler updates: This resource provides information on the latest updates and advancements in Google’s web crawling system. Stay informed by visiting
  • Spam report: Users can contribute to a cleaner search ecosystem by reporting spammy and low-quality websites. Learn more about the spam report tool at

For a comprehensive collection of all Google Search News episodes, visit Stay informed and connected by subscribing to the Google Search Central Channel at

In conclusion, the July 2023 episode of Google Search News provides valuable insights into various aspects of Search, ranging from Core Web Vitals and generative AI to Search Console updates and community insights. By incorporating these updates and resources into your web development and SEO strategies, you can enhance your website’s performance, user experience, and visibility in search results. Stay informed and embrace the ever-evolving search landscape to maximize your online presence.

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