February 21, 2024
esoteric testing market

Esoteric Testing Market Set for Significant Growth with Emphasis on Disease Diagnosis

With a market valuation of approximately US $ 20 billion in 2021, the global esoteric testing market is poised for robust expansion in the coming years.

Solid Foundation: Rising Prevalence of Chronic Diseases Fuels Growth

Esoteric testing, often conducted at reference laboratories known for rigorous testing beyond the capabilities of most hospitals and basic labs, holds a pivotal role in modern healthcare. Ensuring the quality, efficiency, and desired effects of pharmaceuticals is paramount for human well-being. The demand for pharmaceutical products testing is projected to drive the esoteric testing market, as it plays a crucial role in healthcare research, ensuring safety, efficacy, stability, and accurate dosage of new drugs. The surge in chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart conditions, and various cancers, is a prime driver of the esoteric testing market. Infectious diseases, such as dengue, hepatitis B and C, malaria, and tuberculosis, also contribute to its growth. The expanding knowledge about esoteric testing’s accuracy in detecting certain disorders adds to the market’s momentum.

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Technological Enhancement: Paving the Way for Esoteric Testing Growth

Esoteric testing’s technological advancements have led to quicker results, heightened sensitivity, and enhanced detection limits. The global esoteric testing market’s expansion is attributed to the adoption of esoteric DNA sequencing, next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, and whole genome sequencing in early cancer diagnosis, precision medicine, and personalized medicine. With over 25 million Americans affected by rare diseases and 350 million individuals worldwide, esoteric testing experiences significant demand due to the imperative to address the rising need for disease diagnosis. The market’s growth trajectory will be driven by increasing awareness of early disease diagnosis and treatment, as well as the prevalence of complex and rare diseases.

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A Thriving Segment: Early Cancer Detection Drives Esoteric Testing

The esoteric testing market in oncology is projected to experience robust growth throughout the forecast period. The emphasis on early cancer detection and treatment is set to bolster this segment. As cancer remains a leading global cause of mortality, the demand for testing is expected to surge, propelled by increasing research and development (R&D) investments. The pharmaceutical sector’s substantial contributions to global sales further underscore the projected growth in this area.

A Powerhouse of Research and Development: North America Leads

North America continues to assert its dominance in the esoteric testing domain and is anticipated to exhibit the fastest growth rate. The region’s burgeoning R&D activities and investments are expected to solidify its position as a frontrunner in the esoteric testing market. With a growing prevalence of rare diseases, North America remains at the forefront of the market, driven by substantial investments in R&D activities. The region’s healthcare industry, characterized by high per capita healthcare spending, a significant elderly population, and the presence of prominent corporations, contributes to North America’s leadership in healthcare. The region’s adoption of early disease identification and a preference for advanced diagnostic procedures will drive test volumes and market growth.

Sustainable Growth Ahead

In the years to come, the demand for esoteric testing is expected to increase further due to the rising incidence of chronic infectious diseases, such as cancer and diabetes. Technological advancements, including automation and advanced analysis systems, will accelerate the development of esoteric testing, bolstering its market growth. The increasing interest in proteomics and genomics, coupled with rising funding for advanced detection testing methods, will drive business growth.

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Global Esoteric Testing Market: A Competitive Landscape

In May 2021, pharmaceutical giant Cipla Limited introduced the RT-PCR test kit ViraGen for COVID-19 detection, featuring remarkable sensitivity and specificity. Furthermore, Quest Diagnostics and GRAIL collaborated in February 2021 to support Galleri, a pioneering blood test for the early diagnosis of multiple cancers.

Prominent players in the global esoteric testing market include Laboratory Corporation, Foundation Medicine, Healius Limited, Baylor Esoteric, ARUP Laboratories, Molecular Laboratory, Quest Diagnostics, Sonic Healthcare Limited, Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, OPKO Health, and Stanford Clinical Pathology.

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