February 22, 2024

Digital Panel Meter Market Surges Amidst Industrialization and Technological Advancements

The global digital panel meter market is experiencing remarkable growth driven by the increasing demand for electrical and industrial products that monitor critical parameters such as current, vibration, and pressure to ensure optimal equipment performance. As industries expand and embrace technological advancements, the adoption of digital panel meters is on the rise, with a promising outlook for the foreseeable future.

Technological Advancements Fuel Market Growth

The expansion of the digital panel meter market is fueled by ongoing technological innovations. These meters come in various screen sizes and colors, making them visible even in low-light conditions. They offer a wide range of functions, including alarms, adjustment displays, set point selection, additional channels, and USB connectivity for seamless integration with equipment. Multi-channel indicators and scanners are also gaining popularity, offering enhanced monitoring capabilities. Recent product launches, such as the Trumeter’s single, split, and three-phase digital APM power meter, featuring a color-changing display and Modbus connectivity, are expected to further boost market demand.

COVID-19 Impact on the Market

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the digital panel meter market, disrupting the supply chain for essential raw materials used in manufacturing. Delays in the production of key components, primarily in Asian countries, led to increased manufacturing costs and a decline in orders. The global slowdown in manufacturing activities further contributed to reduced demand. However, as the world recovers from the pandemic, the market is poised for a rebound.

Industrialization Drives Market Expansion

Various industries heavily rely on digital panel meters to measure critical parameters such as voltage, temperature, pressure, flow, and speed. These meters offer precision and quick signal monitoring, minimizing errors and ensuring efficient operations. Industries such as power generation, food and beverage production, wastewater treatment, oil and gas, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and automotive are significant users of digital panel meters. The surge in industrial development projects in developing nations, particularly in Asia and the Pacific, is expected to drive further market expansion.

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Consumer Electronics Industry Boosts Demand

Digital panel meters find extensive applications in consumer electronics, including microwave ovens, water pumps, vehicles, and medical equipment. Their ability to provide accurate measurements for various parameters like speed, temperature, and pressure positions them as essential components in this rapidly growing industry. The expanding consumer electronics market presents significant growth opportunities for digital panel meter manufacturers.

Challenges and Opportunities

Despite their numerous advantages, digital panel meters face challenges such as limited tuning circuit modification, dependence on batteries, voltage restrictions, sensitivity issues, and higher costs compared to traditional meters. These factors may limit market growth to some extent, but the growing demand for precise measurements and real-time monitoring in various industries continues to drive expansion.

Totalizers and Voltage Measurement Dominate

The totalizers category leads the digital panel meter market, thanks to its ability to record and track the total amount of substances over time. Totalizers are widely used in applications like flow measurement. Meanwhile, the digital voltage category is dominant due to its crucial role in checking voltage variations, with the display current and temperature panel meters also making significant contributions.

Europe Emerges as a Key Player

Europe is expected to dominate the digital panel meter market, driven by ongoing government initiatives in energy and expanding industrial sectors. Germany, in particular, stands out due to its thriving manufacturing industry and strong demand for digital panel meters in electronic devices and industrial applications.

Competitive Landscape

Prominent players in the digital panel meter market include Murata Manufacturing, Zhejiang CHINT, Siemens, Omron Corporation, Phoenix Contact, Crouzet, Carlo Gavazzi, P.R. Electronics, Lascar Electronics, Autonics, Red Lion Controls, Trumeter, Precision Digital, and Yokogawa Meters & Instrumentation. Recent strategic moves, such as Siemens’ acquisition of Senseye and Murata’s launch of D.C. panel meters, demonstrate the industry’s commitment to innovation and growth.

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The digital panel meter market is poised for a dynamic and prosperous future, driven by technological advancements, industrialization, and the increasing need for precision measurements across various sectors.


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