September 23, 2023
Labyrinth of Heavy Industry

COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry Shanghai Sets Sail: Flag Raised for Resumption of Work Amidst Pandemic

In a significant milestone for COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry Shanghai, the Chongming District of Shanghai has successfully halted community transmission of COVID-19. As a result, the company has resumed work and production in a steady, safe, and orderly manner, aligning with the guidelines provided by the relevant government departments of Shanghai to promote the phased resumption of production among enterprises. This achievement has been made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Chongming District Government and disease control experts, who have provided special inspections and work guidance.

Highlighting this successful resumption of work is the recent repair and refitting of M.V. COSCO ADEN, carried out by COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry Shanghai. After undergoing comprehensive engineering processes, the vessel has now set sail again, symbolizing the official signal of work resumption for the company.

M.V. COSCO ADEN was admitted to the shipyard on February 28 of this year. However, due to the pandemic’s impact, the repair and refitting operations were temporarily suspended. Approximately two weeks ago, COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry Shanghai initiated the process of organizing the remaining work for the vessel, along with evaluating the available labor force for various tasks. A plan was formulated to resume work and production based on the prevailing situation of pandemic prevention and control within the facility.

On April 19, a team of 48 workers, representing seven eligible professions, boarded the vessel and efficiently commenced all planned operations according to the work schedule. Each half day, they successfully completed a project from the work list, earning instant acceptance and high approval from the ship owner.

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Amidst this special and challenging period, the departure of M.V. COSCO ADEN not only signifies the resumption of work for COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry Shanghai but also validates the new production mode adopted by the company during the pandemic. This successful endeavor serves as the first crucial step towards resuming work on other vessels.

The resumption of work and production by COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry Shanghai amid the pandemic demonstrates the company’s commitment to overcoming challenges and ensuring the continuity of its operations. With strict adherence to pandemic prevention and control measures, COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry Shanghai sets a commendable example for other enterprises navigating through these unprecedented times.