December 5, 2023

CNG, RNG, and Hydrogen Tanks Market Growth Driven by Environmental Trends: A Detailed Analysis

As the world shifts its focus towards more sustainable energy sources, the market for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), and Hydrogen Tanks is experiencing an unprecedented surge in demand. This remarkable growth is driven by several key factors, including environmental concerns, cost savings, favorable government regulations, and the expanding adoption of alternative fuels.

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Sustainable and Affordable Choice

CNG, known for its environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness, has gained significant traction in recent times. A CNG tank, priced at approximately $500, offers consumers a cost-efficient alternative compared to the $1,000 gasoline tanks. Furthermore, the operational cost of CNG-powered vehicles is approximately 60% lower than gasoline-powered ones, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious consumers.

Shaping the Future of Transportation

Major automakers, such as Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, and Hindustan Motors in India, are actively developing new vehicle models that can run on both CNG and petrol. CNG vehicles emit 70% fewer harmful gases compared to their gasoline or diesel counterparts, making them a pivotal differentiator in the evolving landscape of small cars and SUVs.

CNG’s ability to compress natural gas to 5 times atmospheric pressure at 20 degrees Celsius, reducing its volume by 600 times, has made it a practical and efficient choice for storage and transport, akin to traditional fuels.

Reliability and Low Maintenance

One of the key advantages of CNG is its reliability, unaffected by the price fluctuations seen in gasoline and diesel. CNG tanks require minimal maintenance, further enhancing their cost-effectiveness. This reliability has contributed to the growing popularity of CNG tanks.

Government Support Accelerates Adoption

Governments worldwide are increasingly incentivizing the adoption of CNG vehicles and infrastructure. Tax deductions for CNG vehicles, extended exemptions from specific fuel taxes, and increased funding for CNG technology research and development are some of the initiatives designed to reduce emissions, improve air quality, and stimulate economic growth. These measures not only make the switch to CNG more affordable but also help diversify the energy market.

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Asia Pacific: A Growing Hub for CNG

The Asia Pacific region is witnessing a remarkable rise in the demand for CNG, with fleet management projected to increase by 20%. Natural gas’s lower carbon footprint, affordability, and reduced carbon emissions make it an attractive option for powering vehicles in both developed and developing countries. It’s becoming a key enabler for the region’s ambitions to electrify its transport sector, particularly in countries like China, India, Thailand, and Indonesia, which are investing heavily in CNG infrastructure.

Consumer Shift Towards CNG

The escalating prices of gasoline have created a compelling opportunity for CNG. With CNG costing approximately half of gasoline and emitting only a fraction of the pollutants, it’s gaining traction in buses, taxis, and government fleets. As an example, New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) plans to transition 1,000 buses to CNG engines, with the conversion costs paying for themselves in just six years due to reduced fuel expenses.

Despite some challenges such as tank space requirements and developing infrastructure, the continuous increase in gasoline prices is expected to drive more consumers towards CNG.

Key Players in the Market

Prominent companies contributing to the growth of the CNG, RNG, and Hydrogen Tanks Market include Faber Industrie, SpA (Italy), Worthington Industries, Inc. (US), Luxfer Group (UK), Everest Kanto Cylinders Ltd. (India), and Hexagon Composites ASA (Norway).

The CNG, RNG, and Hydrogen Tanks Market is poised for remarkable growth as consumers, governments, and businesses embrace sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions, heralding a greener and more economical future for transportation.

Global Industry Analysis (2018 – 2021) – Growth Trends and Market Forecast (2022 – 2029)

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