February 22, 2024

Chemical Peel Market Thrives Amidst Increasing Demand for Skincare and Aesthetic Solutions

The global chemical peel market is poised for robust growth in the coming years, driven by several key factors. The market is benefiting from the expansion of beauty clinics with upgraded infrastructure and a growing network of dermatological clinics worldwide. As the global population ages and more people experience skin concerns such as photodamage, the demand for chemical peels is on the rise. Additionally, increasing awareness of skincare and aesthetics on a global scale, coupled with rising disposable income and growing concerns about appearance, are contributing to the market’s growth.

Booming Market Operations in the United States

The United States stands as one of the largest players in the global chemical peel market. In 2019 alone, a staggering 1,387,607 chemical peel treatments were performed in the U.S., as reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The robust healthcare infrastructure and the availability of top-notch facilities further fuel the market’s expansion. Chemical peels have become a popular choice for non-invasive skin rejuvenation, offering shorter recovery times and reduced post-operative complications, making them highly favored among consumers.

Navigating the Impact of COVID-19

While the cosmetic industry faced challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic due to concerns about respiratory transmission of the virus, the lockdown measures implemented led to a temporary decline in the cosmetics sector. Cosmetic production facilities were temporarily shuttered due to workforce shortages and social distancing requirements. However, in response to the pandemic, cosmetic manufacturers expanded their product lines to include personal care items, mitigating some of the economic impacts.

Rise of Non-Invasive Procedures

The chemical peel market is witnessing a significant shift towards non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures. These procedures, including chemical peels, offer swift recovery times and lower risks of complications compared to traditional surgical options. Many economies are making non-surgical procedures more accessible through simplified payment arrangements, contributing to the market’s expansion.

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Biodegradable Polymers Revolutionize Chemical Peeling

Biodegradable polymers, notably polyglycolic acid, are gaining prominence in the chemical peel market. These polymers offer short-term support to the body and can break down naturally over time. Their potential applications in resorbable sutures, surgical fixation devices, and drug delivery devices are creating substantial growth opportunities in the market.

Challenges and Caution

Despite its benefits, the use of glycolic acid, a common ingredient in chemical peels, must be approached with caution. Improper usage can lead to skin damage and other issues. It’s essential to follow recommended guidelines and use glycolic acid in conjunction with sunscreen to mitigate side effects.

Market Segmentation

  • Superficial or Light Peel Category: This category currently dominates the chemical peel market, offering mild peels that help remove the outer layer of the epidermis. It addresses issues like skin tone, age spots, and fine wrinkles.
  • Fruit Peel Category: Fruit peels, including alpha hydroxy acids obtained from fruits, sugar cane, and sugar beets, are gaining traction for treating various skin concerns such as aging, scars, acne, and hyperpigmentation.

Regional Insights

  • North America: The North American chemical peel market is anticipated to lead in revenue share. Factors contributing to this dominance include skilled dermatologists, advanced healthcare infrastructure, and a growing preference for customized treatments.
  • Asia Pacific: This region is set to experience stable revenue growth, driven by an increasing aging population, heightened awareness of aesthetic alternatives, and a rising demand for anti-aging products.

Key Market Players

Notable players in the chemical peel market include IMAGE Skincare, Dermalogica, Johnson & Johnson Private Limited, Bausch Health Companies Inc., Renee Rouleau, and L’Oréal.


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