September 23, 2023
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Breaking News: BASF and South China University of Technology Form Groundbreaking Strategic Partnership

China, 22 June 2023 – BASF and South China University of Technology (SCUT) have signed a strategic partnership framework agreement, solidifying their commitment to collaboration in various fields. This partnership aims to foster innovation and create an ecosystem centered around chemicals, materials, and industrial intelligence solutions. Through their joint efforts, BASF and SCUT will focus on research and development, industry-university collaboration, and talent development.

The collaboration between BASF and SCUT began in 2019 and has since grown exponentially. Dr. Jeffrey Lou, President and Chairman of BASF Greater China, expressed his admiration for SCUT’s education and research capabilities, as well as its achievements in education and scientific research. Dr. Lou believes that this agreement will deepen the strategic cooperation between the two entities and serve as a model for university-enterprise collaboration. He hopes that this partnership will inspire innovative ideas and lead to even greater success.

President Zhang Liqun of South China University of Technology acknowledged the perfect match between BASF’s expertise in materials and chemicals and SCUT’s strengths. This collaboration will drive synergy and market-oriented research, yielding original and impactful results. President Liqun also emphasized the importance of nurturing innovative talents to facilitate regional development.

This strategic cooperation marks a significant milestone in the school-enterprise innovation drive at BASF’s new Verbund site in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province. The site, which represents BASF’s largest investment to date, is dedicated to delivering value to customers and communities through innovative process technologies and a high-end product portfolio. As part of this partnership, the Zhanjiang Verbund site and SCUT have already embarked on multiple scientific research projects. Moving forward, they will continue to enhance scientific research cooperation and promote innovation in collaboration with universities and research institutions.

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BASF established the Network for Asian Open Research (NAO) in 2014, a collaborative platform involving BASF, leading universities, and institutes in the Asia Pacific Region. Over the years, BASF and its partners have successfully completed more than 135 joint research projects through NAO. In 2019, BASF and SCUT joined forces within this framework, focusing on cutting-edge research areas such as plastics recycling, bio-based materials, polymer materials, and engineering.