September 23, 2023

Asus Acknowledges and Promises Fix for Thermal Issues in New Handheld Gaming Console

Asus, the renowned technology company, recently released its inaugural Windows-powered handheld gaming console worldwide. Although equipped with a potent processor and graphics card, enabling users to run PC games in a compact format, reports of thermal issues and problems with the microSD card have emerged.

Asus has now officially recognized the existence of thermal issues with its gaming console, Ally. This confirmation came from Asus spokesperson, Whitson Gordon, during a Discord session reported by Digital Trends. Gordon assured that the company is developing a solution, and the problem will soon be addressed.

Despite being one of the few handheld gaming consoles on the market, the Ally console appears to have a significant flaw. The company seems to have curtailed the device’s thermal management to control noise levels, which may lead to an increase in noise following the planned fix. Gordon confirmed in his statement that, “Under certain thermal stress conditions, the SD card reader may malfunction.”

Reports suggest the Ally’s thermal issue results in damage to the microSD cards in the device. The microSD card slot is located in the “hot zone” near the power delivery VRMs, and thermal stress raises the temperature around this area beyond the heat levels certified safe for microSD cards.

Asus is actively working on a solution and has guaranteed that this problem will be resolved. The forthcoming update is anticipated to enhance the fan speed synchronization, making it more efficient and effective. This is welcome news for game enthusiasts who await an improved gaming experience.

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