September 26, 2023
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Apple to Open Applications for Vision Pro Developer Kit in July, Marking a Milestone in AR/VR Development

Apple is gearing up for the next phase in the development of applications for its recently announced Vision Pro headset by opening applications for the Vision Pro developer kit in July. Apple AR/VR prototyper Emanuel Tomozei shared the news on Twitter, indicating that developers interested in the kit will likely be able to apply next month. Although an exact date for availability was not provided, Tomozei mentioned that the application process is expected to commence in July, pointing to a ‘Work with Apple’ page that indicated the company’s assistance would be available during that time.

The upcoming developer kit from Apple aims to empower developers to swiftly create, iterate, and test applications and games for the Vision Pro headset. By utilizing this kit, developers can ensure that their creations deliver exceptional experiences to users.

Unveiled by Apple recently, the Vision Pro headset is designed to merge the digital world with reality. Priced at $3,499, the headset is scheduled for release in early 2024, initially in the United States. One of its standout features is a fully three-dimensional user interface that can be controlled through eye movements, hand gestures, and voice commands.

A notable functionality of the Apple Vision Pro headset is EyeSight, which enables seamless connectivity with others. When someone approaches a Vision Pro wearer, the device intelligently blends into the surroundings, allowing the user to see the person while simultaneously displaying their own eyes. This enhances the immersive and interactive nature of the headset.

The opening of applications for the Vision Pro developer kit marks a significant milestone in the development of AR/VR applications, and it paves the way for innovative and immersive experiences to be created on Apple’s upcoming headset.

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