December 9, 2023

5G Enterprise Market on the Cusp of Exponential Growth, Predicted to Surpass $5 Billion by 2028

The future of mobile communication is here, as we approach the end of 2028 with exciting developments in the global 5G enterprise market. Projections indicate that worldwide 5G mobile subscriptions are set to exceed a staggering valuation of US$5 billion by the close of 2028. The advent of 5G technology promises an entirely new era of ultra-high-speed, low-latency wireless connectivity, surpassing the capabilities of 4G networks by tenfold. Offering over 1Gbps of network performance, 5G enterprise technology empowers businesses to access a wide array of services and create private wireless platforms with diverse operational capabilities. One of the key innovations driving the 5G enterprise industry is network slicing, which enables the creation of virtual networks tailored to meet the unique needs of individual customers or specific use cases.

Key Report Findings

  • Global 5G mobile subscriptions will reportedly surpass US$5 billion by 2028-end.
  • North America, particularly the US, leads the way in the 5G enterprise industry.
  • Asia Pacific emerges as a fertile ground for rapid 5G deployments.
  • Preference for Wi-Fi communication technology may challenge market expansion.

Growth Drivers

5G Enterprise to Enable Dozens of Born-Digital Operations

The rise of born-digital enterprises, characterized by aggregators who leverage user data as a competitive advantage, is poised to reach new heights with the rollout of 5G technology. The capabilities of 5G, including network slicing and vast mobile data accessibility, elevate these operations to unprecedented levels of success. Born-digital businesses can leapfrog older technology, becoming dominant players quickly, and 5G offers the crucial nationwide wireless network infrastructure they require.

Growth Challenges

Patchy Coverage

While 5G presents an opportunity to advance connectivity services, the challenge lies in ensuring widespread coverage. Companies will face pressure from consumers to keep services affordable, a challenge even with existing levels of access.

Ubiquity of Wi-Fi Connectivity

The prevalence of Wi-Fi as the default connection technology for residential and organizational users poses a challenge to the expansion of the 5G enterprise market. Regulatory issues surrounding corporate network governance persist, particularly in emerging economies.

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Growth Opportunities

5G promises a new era in cellular technology, delivering high speeds and ultra-low latency. This opens doors to innovative business models and enhances existing ones, such as remote robotic surgery and augmented reality. The global 5G enterprise market stands to benefit significantly from these opportunities, contingent upon strategic planning and implementation.

Key Challenge and Opportunity

Various business cases become feasible in light of evolving connectivity. These include mobile network-based tracking, industrial equipment monitoring, and high-speed streaming for users on the move. Challenges remain, including device compatibility and bridging coverage gaps, especially in rural areas. The success of 5G technology is pivotal for trends like IoT and the integration of new technologies in education.

Network Slicing May Favor Business Expansion

Network slicing empowers developers to create tailored networks for specific applications, accommodating varying needs for latency, throughput, and reliability. This technology allows for differentiated services and market segments without costly infrastructure upgrades.

Overview of Key Segments

Large Organizations Lead in Adoption

Large-scale organizations currently lead the way in 5G deployments, driven by their need for high-speed Internet.

Sub-6Ghz Frequency Most Preferred

Sub-6Ghz frequency dominates the 5G enterprise market, offering wider coverage and improved network connectivity across enclosed spaces.

Growth Opportunities Across Regions

North America Spearheads 5G Enterprise Expansion

North America is at the forefront of the 5G enterprise market, driven by high 5G penetration and the adoption of AI and connected technology. Asia Pacific shows promising growth potential, benefiting from developments in the telecom sector and significant markets in China, Japan, and India.

Key Players in 5G Enterprise Market

Leading industry players in the global 5G enterprise market include Nokia Networks, Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE, and Samsung. The competitive landscape also features significant brands like Cisco System Inc., Telefonaktiebolaget LM, and NEC Corporation.

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